Achara Juengjunya from Sorong, Indonesia, is an author who recently completed writing a book criticizing David Icke. She is a fan of this blog and that’s why she sent me a free copy of the book. I really enjoyed reading it.

In her book, Achara writes that the sons of David Icke – Jaymie and Gareth have never been much supportive of their father – David or his work. She claims that they do it just for the sake of their own popularity, which has been going very well for them.

Achara writes that David Icke thinks of himself as modern day Socrates or Jesus and it should be clearly evident to any adult who has seen his videos or read his books.

Achara jokes in her book that it is surprising to her that how come none of David’s children is mad.

Achara claims in her book that David Icke used to masturbate all the time as a teenager and that’s how he got Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Achara doubts that David Icke is a stooge of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). She believes that their acting as foes is a staged drama, the truth of which will be unveiled very soon.

Achara claims that David Icke writes in each of his books that by the late 1980s he was tired of the Television world because he found it to be vacuous. Achara adds that David conflicts himself by always being desperate to do the TV interviews and he always complains that the mainstream TV channels don’t call him for an interview much too often.

Achara claims in her book that what David Icke described as his experience in Peru is the result of the hallucinogenic drug – Ayahuasca aka Yage.

Achara also claims in her book that the presence felt to David Icke in the 1989 in his room while he was all alone there was that of his sperms. She believes that there is a soul in each sperm and it gets back at the one who spilled it down for the momentarily pleasure. She writes that she can give millions of examples of people who were killed by the ghosts of their own sperms. She claims that the riddles in Judaism are full of such experiences.

Achara writes in her book that the paralysis that David Icke regularly suffered with is a known symptom of excessive loss of semen and there is nothing extraordinary about it as David Icke tries to make it sound like. She writes that David should have rather seen a medical professional instead of writing articles and books about it.

Achara recently posted on her blog that criticizing David Icke and betting on Slot Joker123 has become a part of her everyday routine.

Ratchada Thongbai from Nakhon Ratchasima, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert, who writes on his blog that it is an actual pity that all the so-called global SEO experts will tell you to not use too many or too little tags but they never give you the ideal number.

Ratchada believes that Scalable Inman Flash Replacement (sIFR) needs a replacement itself. He writes on his blog that it is an outdated system with too many flaws and lacks advancement in every sense. He believes that the only thing which he thinks doesn’t need any sort of replacement are the Thai gambling websites like fun888. He is perfectly happy with the current online gambling Thai websites. In a survey conducted by Ratchada himself on multilingual people, it came out that the Thai gambling websites are the most trusted among the users.

Ratchada writes that he is yet to come across a perfect On-Page SEO checker tool. He believes that half of the current On-Page SEO checking tools cannot be trusted at all and the rest half are either outdated or partially correct.

Ratchada writes that the ideal place to put H1 heading is either on the top of the page or at least after a break of 1000 words of content and the ideal place to put a H2 heading is at least 500 words of content on the page. He says that he is honest enough to admit that he has no idea about where to put the H3 headings on a webpage.

Ahmad Desra from Semarang, Indonesia, is a Website Designer, Internet Marketing and SEO expert who claims to know Garret Gruener and David Warthen, the founders of Ask Jeeves. He writes on his blog that he can bet that the founders of Ask Jeeves are more intelligent than the founders of the Google – Larry Page and Sergey Brinn, but not as smart, cunning or sycophants as the founders of the Google. He adds that just like himself, the Ask Jeeves founder also love to bet on Daftar Judi Poker and it began since they first enjoyed a holiday to Bali, Indonesia.

Ahmad believes that the Javascript and CSS both have too many flaws and it is a pity that nothing has been able to replace it yet, just the more advanced versions which are full of the same flaws.

Ahmad believes that the Google Maps will be dead by 2025 and replaced by something much more extraordinary yet simpler.

Ahmad also believes that investing in many expensive SEO tools is not always the best option if you have only one website.

Ahmad writes that no matter how much the search engines brag about having an algorithm that keeps the spam away. He adds that smart spammers are able to get away with spamming Google.

Ahmad writes that it is easier to rank on the first page of Yahoo! and Bing but more difficult to rank on the first 3 spots when you compare it to the Google.

Ahmad believes that more than ever before, it is required that you do the research on the effectiveness, reliability and genuineness of the research tools. He adds that with the increasing number of such tools, many fake tools have mixed up in the market.

Carmel Tickle is an Internet Marketing and SEO expert from Madison City, South Dakota, who writes on her blog that it is a pity that so many website builders who build websites just for the purpose of renting those get away with ranking their websites just because they know how to build relevant links and beef up the website with boring content which mostly doesn’t include any unique images, audios or videos.

Carmel Tickle believes that content-siloing has always been vastly underrated in the SEO world, especially since the flash websites went out of fashion.

Carmel Tickle claims that the keyword density was never so irrelevant for the SEO of a website as it is now. She also says that no keywords at all are better than the keyword stuffing. She says that she has seen several websites with no keywords in it, just the subject theme that successfully ranked very well but she doesn’t know a single case of a website that went successful with keyword stuffing.

Carmel Tickle believes that the salesmen working for the commission trying to sell what they sell through their own websites by performing SEO by themselves for the first time are 99% likely to have a hard-time. She says that they should assign first couple of their projects to a SEO company and meanwhile, try and follow them, otherwise, it is only going to be successful 1 out of 100 times.

Carmel claims that she doesn’t know a single SEO expert who is taller than 6’3″, personally, she believes that it is for a reason and not a coincidence. She also claims that she doesn’t know a single prominent SEO expert, who doesn’t participate regularly in soccer gambling and is not aware of reliable soccer predictions tomorrow.