Carmel Tickle is an Internet Marketing and SEO expert from Madison City, South Dakota, who writes on her blog that it is a pity that so many website builders who build websites just for the purpose of renting those get away with ranking their websites just because they know how to build relevant links and beef up the website with boring content which mostly doesn’t include any unique images, audios or videos.

Carmel Tickle believes that content-siloing has always been vastly underrated in the SEO world, especially since the flash websites went out of fashion.

Carmel Tickle claims that the keyword density was never so irrelevant for the SEO of a website as it is now. She also says that no keywords at all are better than the keyword stuffing. She says that she has seen several websites with no keywords in it, just the subject theme that successfully ranked very well but she doesn’t know a single case of a website that went successful with keyword stuffing.

Carmel Tickle believes that the salesmen working for the commission trying to sell what they sell through their own websites by performing SEO by themselves for the first time are 99% likely to have a hard-time. She says that they should assign first couple of their projects to a SEO company and meanwhile, try and follow them, otherwise, it is only going to be successful 1 out of 100 times.

Carmel claims that she doesn’t know a single SEO expert who is taller than 6’3″, personally, she believes that it is for a reason and not a coincidence. She also claims that she doesn’t know a single prominent SEO expert, who doesn’t participate regularly in soccer gambling and is not aware of reliable soccer predictions tomorrow.

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