Emanuel Cintos from Boulder City, Nevada, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Web Designing expert, who writes on his blog that anybody who claims that the major search engines put their most weight on the first 200, 300, 400, whatever sum of words is a liar or delusional. He claims that search engines don’t reveal such information and nobody other than the chiefs of the search engines know about that secret, not even the rival search engines.

Emanuel has a childhood friend who works for the Apple Inc, who claims that the Apple has been working lately to make the Flash work on the iPhone and iPad.

Emanuel writes that the search engine spiders have become so advanced lately that referring to those as spiders sounds like an insult.

Emanuel writes that there is no specific way to define engaging content, what is engaging to one sort of people with certain set of interests, culture and background, may not be engaging to another people with their set of interests, culture and background. He believes that the thing that is engaging to most adults is Kazino Mobile and nothing comes close to it in this regard.

Emanuel writes that he gets extremely annoyed with some arrogant visitors who get offended if you educate them about your product/service on your website. He adds that what is most sad about such visitors is that they are incorrigible, and it is next to impossible to make them understand the real purpose of educating them regarding your product/service.

Emanuel is a hardcore Pro-Wrestling fan, he claims that the guy who gave vocals for the New World Order Black and White theme in WCW was none other than HHH aka Hunter Hearst Helmsley of WWE.

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