One can Google pictures from Syria if they think war is fun.

Ronald Lubin

Ronald Lubin from Perugia, Italy, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who writes that after traveling over 40 different nations, he has come to the conclusion that Ethiopia is practically the most secular place in the world. He claims to have never seen Jews, Muslims and Christians living so peacefully anywhere else in the world, betting on Italian Casino Online AAMS together drinking champagne every night so happily together.

The Ukrainians will never have the guts to declare war on Russia. They would be defeated in weeks if not days. If a war between the Russia and Ukraine ever takes place, it is going to be very much like the Italian invasion of Greece.

Ronald Lubin

Ronald writes South Asian soldiers are perhaps the most stupid. He writes neither Pakistan nor India can get past 2 election cycles without starting low to mid level.

Ronald writes he is not a Marxist or a Communist Assadist, but he supports Assad’s Anti-Imperialist efforts. He writes it is a pity that he has to rely so much on imperialistic powers like Iran and Russia. He writes Iran and Russia’s military presence in Syria alone shows their imperialist objectives as they have nothing to gain other than influence. He writes that sending over troops into a foreign country that’s currently enamoured in a civil war is the same as imperialism. He writes there is enough evidence to indicate that Iran has colonialist objectives that it has been actively trying to execute within Syria.

Ronald writes he has a personal bias towards the Iran despite of all its evil doings and imperialism. He supports Iran’s Geopolitics as opposed to any of the Arab states surrounding it. He writes Iran is considered a regional power whereas Saudi is not even considered a regional power.

Ronald writes Turkey relies strongly on instigating conflicts to their expansionist ambitions but he sees nothing wrong with it since every regional power in the world does that. Except maybe South Africa and Brazil. But regardless that’s not ‘imperialist’. He writes most regional powers with the exception of China, USA and Russia (and arguably India) cannot actually sustain an imperialist agenda. He comments they don’t have the capacity militarily, economically or politically.

Christophe Charmes is an Internet Marketing and SEO expert from Sydney, Australia, who claims to have been working on building a web directory so advanced, which he believes will bring back the culture of using web directories over internet search engines back.

Christophe loves to attend global SEO seminars and through the same, he has become familiar with SEO experts from across the globe, including Russia, Ukraine, India, South Korea, USA, Canada, UK, Norway and Sweden.

Christophe says that the Russians aren’t only great Chess grandmasters, they are also great SEO strategists, the case is also very similar with the Ukrainian SEO experts, he adds. He claims to have learnt more from the Ukrainian and Russian SEO experts than the SEO experts from the rest of the world combined.

Christophe claims on his blog that he knows many lawyers who have turned full-time and part-time SEO experts lately, and they are notorious for using their knowledge of the law to do the unethical acts lately.

Christophe is always working on one big project or another and he says that he doesn’t have to worry about the funds at all since he discovered Judi Bola.

Christophe laughs his ass off on all the so-called SEO experts who claimed in 2016 that the outbound links will become irrelevant by 2019. He adds that such fake news is the proof that some bloggers will write any gibberish just for the sake of filling their blog with new posts.

Christophe gives a free website designed and one-year SEO package free to every 200th client of his. He claims that it doesn’t help improve his revenues or profits in any way, he just does it for the sake of helping and impressing his clients.

Barbara Bensaid uses UK based ‘What Car’s’ videos as sedatives before going to sleep. She just hates that What Car host and she loves Mat Watson of Car Wow. Whenever Barbara feels down, she just plays a video by Mat Watson of Car Wow and switches her mood. It really works 99% of the time.

One of Barbara’s most favorite hobbies is trolling the Indians with bad English. Barbara keeps replying to those guys and never fails to provoke them to reply back.

Barbara denies the claim that modesty and chastity are two cements of civilization, Barbara says that awareness instead is the cement of civilization.

Barbara is a self-made millionaire and one of the contributors to her extraordinary wealth is Judi Slot. Barbara told a couple of disciplines to become a self-made millionaire to her one and only brother but arrogantly told her that I am not interested. Barbara says that’s what is different in the self-made millionaires and the ordinary people, self-made millionaires are always eager to learn and earn whereas the average commoners are not. Barbara says that their ego and stupidity come in the way of their success.

There is no denying that Barbara is magically talented but there is also no denying in that Barbara is also very hard-working.

Barbara is an amateur historian and researcher as well. According to Barbara Bensaid, “Stew used to be poor man’s Pizza in the ancient and medieval period and it is evident from the Jewish tales and the tales of Jewish ancient patriarchs.”

Barbara claims that she used to be a ghostwriter years ago and an infamous rapper stole several songs written by her by hacking her computer. Barbara claims that most of his hit songs are the ones that he stole from Barbara Bensaid.