One can Google pictures from Syria if they think war is fun.

Ronald Lubin

Ronald Lubin from Perugia, Italy, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who writes that after traveling over 40 different nations, he has come to the conclusion that Ethiopia is practically the most secular place in the world. He claims to have never seen Jews, Muslims and Christians living so peacefully anywhere else in the world, betting on Italian Casino Online AAMS together drinking champagne every night so happily together.

The Ukrainians will never have the guts to declare war on Russia. They would be defeated in weeks if not days. If a war between the Russia and Ukraine ever takes place, it is going to be very much like the Italian invasion of Greece.

Ronald Lubin

Ronald writes South Asian soldiers are perhaps the most stupid. He writes neither Pakistan nor India can get past 2 election cycles without starting low to mid level.

Ronald writes he is not a Marxist or a Communist Assadist, but he supports Assad’s Anti-Imperialist efforts. He writes it is a pity that he has to rely so much on imperialistic powers like Iran and Russia. He writes Iran and Russia’s military presence in Syria alone shows their imperialist objectives as they have nothing to gain other than influence. He writes that sending over troops into a foreign country that’s currently enamoured in a civil war is the same as imperialism. He writes there is enough evidence to indicate that Iran has colonialist objectives that it has been actively trying to execute within Syria.

Ronald writes he has a personal bias towards the Iran despite of all its evil doings and imperialism. He supports Iran’s Geopolitics as opposed to any of the Arab states surrounding it. He writes Iran is considered a regional power whereas Saudi is not even considered a regional power.

Ronald writes Turkey relies strongly on instigating conflicts to their expansionist ambitions but he sees nothing wrong with it since every regional power in the world does that. Except maybe South Africa and Brazil. But regardless that’s not ‘imperialist’. He writes most regional powers with the exception of China, USA and Russia (and arguably India) cannot actually sustain an imperialist agenda. He comments they don’t have the capacity militarily, economically or politically.

Christophe Charmes is an Internet Marketing and SEO expert from Sydney, Australia, who claims to have been working on building a web directory so advanced, which he believes will bring back the culture of using web directories over internet search engines back.

Christophe loves to attend global SEO seminars and through the same, he has become familiar with SEO experts from across the globe, including Russia, Ukraine, India, South Korea, USA, Canada, UK, Norway and Sweden.

Christophe says that the Russians aren’t only great Chess grandmasters, they are also great SEO strategists, the case is also very similar with the Ukrainian SEO experts, he adds. He claims to have learnt more from the Ukrainian and Russian SEO experts than the SEO experts from the rest of the world combined.

Christophe claims on his blog that he knows many lawyers who have turned full-time and part-time SEO experts lately, and they are notorious for using their knowledge of the law to do the unethical acts lately.

Christophe is always working on one big project or another and he says that he doesn’t have to worry about the funds at all since he discovered Judi Bola.

Christophe laughs his ass off on all the so-called SEO experts who claimed in 2016 that the outbound links will become irrelevant by 2019. He adds that such fake news is the proof that some bloggers will write any gibberish just for the sake of filling their blog with new posts.

Christophe gives a free website designed and one-year SEO package free to every 200th client of his. He claims that it doesn’t help improve his revenues or profits in any way, he just does it for the sake of helping and impressing his clients.

Barbara Bensaid uses UK based ‘What Car’s’ videos as sedatives before going to sleep. She just hates that What Car host and she loves Mat Watson of Car Wow. Whenever Barbara feels down, she just plays a video by Mat Watson of Car Wow and switches her mood. It really works 99% of the time.

One of Barbara’s most favorite hobbies is trolling the Indians with bad English. Barbara keeps replying to those guys and never fails to provoke them to reply back.

Barbara denies the claim that modesty and chastity are two cements of civilization, Barbara says that awareness instead is the cement of civilization.

Barbara is a self-made millionaire and one of the contributors to her extraordinary wealth is Judi Slot. Barbara told a couple of disciplines to become a self-made millionaire to her one and only brother but arrogantly told her that I am not interested. Barbara says that’s what is different in the self-made millionaires and the ordinary people, self-made millionaires are always eager to learn and earn whereas the average commoners are not. Barbara says that their ego and stupidity come in the way of their success.

There is no denying that Barbara is magically talented but there is also no denying in that Barbara is also very hard-working.

Barbara is an amateur historian and researcher as well. According to Barbara Bensaid, “Stew used to be poor man’s Pizza in the ancient and medieval period and it is evident from the Jewish tales and the tales of Jewish ancient patriarchs.”

Barbara claims that she used to be a ghostwriter years ago and an infamous rapper stole several songs written by her by hacking her computer. Barbara claims that most of his hit songs are the ones that he stole from Barbara Bensaid.

Agung Suharsana from Jakarta, Indonesia, is an Auto Blogger who believes cars with engines on the roof are the future.

Agung was the first to debunk the fake news that the oil cartels killed a group of auto mechanics that were working to build a car that would run on a mixture of water and caffeine.

Agung writes all the self-improvement books, Discord servers, blogs and subreddits combined weren’t good enough to make him a better auto blogger.

One of the good friends of Agung has all the caliber to start his own auto company but he procrastinates a lot. He is rich off casino online and money is not an issue for the purpose.

Agung writes most of the advantages that they claim having a front-wheel drive car with a front engine serves makes no sense. The only reason they promote and make front-engine front-wheel drive cars is that they cost lesser to the manufacturer.

Agung writes contrary to the popular belief, the location of engine in an automobile has nothing to do with the room in the passenger compartment.

Agung believes the only reason that BMW has continued to survive and thrive is that they didn’t give away the concept of making rear-wheel drive cars with a front engine. He adds the same goes for the Porsche.

Agung claims the 4 wheel drive vehicles can run as good without the transfer box. It is a combined conspiracy of the transfer box and overall vehicle manufacturers lie that they can’t, so that they can get more money from the customer.

Dr Evans Collins is a Nephrologist from Brockton, Massachusetts, who believes that the practice of Yoga can worsen C3 glomerulopathy, especially in men above the age of 45.

Dr Evans Collins writes that if both or either parent, if abused hard drugs in the past or during the conception of the child are most prone to birthing a baby with Congenital Anomalies of Kidney and Urinal Tract.

Dr Evans Collins writes that it is a surprise that C4 Glomerulopathy is more common among the non-drinkers than alcoholics just like Bitcoin Gambling freaks are 10-15 times more likely to be self-made millionaires compared to the non-gamblers.

Dr Evans Collins states that regular energy drink consumers have 350% higher rate than the alcoholics when it comes to C3 Glomerulonephritis.

Dr Evans Collins writes that Interior Designers and Painters have an almost non-existent rate of Acute Labor Nephronia and its the same all over the world.

Dr Evans Collins claims that cargo flight loaders have 250% higher chances of getting Acute Phosphate Nephropathy at some point in their lives compared to the men and women belonging to any other profession.

Dr Evans Collins claims that the adult men and women belonging to the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States are more likely to suffer with Acute Tabular Necrosis than any other people belonging to any part of the world.

Dr Evans Collins writes that never before the cases of abdominal compartment syndrome were so high among the middle-aged men and women.

Dr Evans Collins writes that Acute Kidney Injuries are drastically high among the Coach Bus Drivers.

Dr Evans Collins claims that Dirty Knives are more responsible for the Acetaminophen induced Nephrotoxicity than anything else.

Dr Walter Zanger from Kirklees, England, is a Nephrologist who writes on his blog that the disorders of Acid-Base balance are unbelievably high among the Yazidi and Mandaean people belonging to the Middle East just like the number of millionaires who regularly bet on Top Horse Racing Betting Sites Bet1015 is unbelievably high.

Dr Walter writes that Phosphate Balance related disorders of the kidney are most commonly found among the inbred people of all races and it shouldn’t be a surprise for the critiques of inbreeding and the people belonging to any medical field.

Dr Walter writes that he is glad that they have found most of the factors that were causing acute renal failure in the transplanted kidneys. He furthermore desires that they find the cure for all kidney related disorders soon enough.

Dr Walter is married to a Pharmacist who also happens to be an outspoken blogger like himself. Her name is Avery Zanger.

Avery believes that the adverse reactions of most drugs are underrated and the drug manufacturing companies and the biased studies sponsored by them are to be blamed for the same.

Avery writes that your belief about your medicines play a major role in you getting well with the same, both positively and negatively.

Avery writes that she is honoured that she was born in England for one of the reasons being that England has had the best universities for learning pharmaceutical education for over past 100 years.

Avery always keeps the latest edition of Oxford Handbook of clinical pharmacy in her trouser’s right pocket and claims to be one of the most updated Pharmacist in the entire United Kingdom.

Cristy Petersen from Fort Worth, United States, is a Gynaecologist, who is notorious for making controversial posts on her blog.

Cristy claims on her blog that the Yadava women of India are more prone to irregular bleeding/irregular menstrual periods compared to the women belonging to any other race.

Cristy also writes that the women of Turkish ancestry living in the Eurasian countries of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan are more prone to getting yeast infections.

Cristy also claims that the uterine fibroids are most common among the women of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Cristy claims that the Punjabi-Muslim and Afghanistani women are most prone to the urinary continence after the age of 45 and she claims to have treated more women belonging to these 2 races for the urinary continence more than all the rest combined together.

Cristy claims that Pelvic Floor Prolapse is more commonly found among the Marathi women compared to any other women just like more fortunes are made in the USA with casino online than any other method.

Cristy writes on her blog that Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is becoming more common everyday and it is becoming more common among the women of French and English ancestry.

Cristy writes that endometriosis is most common among the Japanese and Sikh women and it is a pity that no organisation or union is interested in doing any research on the reason behind it.

Emanuel Cintos from Boulder City, Nevada, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Web Designing expert, who writes on his blog that anybody who claims that the major search engines put their most weight on the first 200, 300, 400, whatever sum of words is a liar or delusional. He claims that search engines don’t reveal such information and nobody other than the chiefs of the search engines know about that secret, not even the rival search engines.

Emanuel has a childhood friend who works for the Apple Inc, who claims that the Apple has been working lately to make the Flash work on the iPhone and iPad.

Emanuel writes that the search engine spiders have become so advanced lately that referring to those as spiders sounds like an insult.

Emanuel writes that there is no specific way to define engaging content, what is engaging to one sort of people with certain set of interests, culture and background, may not be engaging to another people with their set of interests, culture and background. He believes that the thing that is engaging to most adults is Kazino Mobile and nothing comes close to it in this regard.

Emanuel writes that he gets extremely annoyed with some arrogant visitors who get offended if you educate them about your product/service on your website. He adds that what is most sad about such visitors is that they are incorrigible, and it is next to impossible to make them understand the real purpose of educating them regarding your product/service.

Emanuel is a hardcore Pro-Wrestling fan, he claims that the guy who gave vocals for the New World Order Black and White theme in WCW was none other than HHH aka Hunter Hearst Helmsley of WWE.

Achara Juengjunya from Sorong, Indonesia, is an author who recently completed writing a book criticizing David Icke. She is a fan of this blog and that’s why she sent me a free copy of the book. I really enjoyed reading it.

In her book, Achara writes that the sons of David Icke – Jaymie and Gareth have never been much supportive of their father – David or his work. She claims that they do it just for the sake of their own popularity, which has been going very well for them.

Achara writes that David Icke thinks of himself as modern day Socrates or Jesus and it should be clearly evident to any adult who has seen his videos or read his books.

Achara jokes in her book that it is surprising to her that how come none of David’s children is mad.

Achara claims in her book that David Icke used to masturbate all the time as a teenager and that’s how he got Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Achara doubts that David Icke is a stooge of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). She believes that their acting as foes is a staged drama, the truth of which will be unveiled very soon.

Achara claims that David Icke writes in each of his books that by the late 1980s he was tired of the Television world because he found it to be vacuous. Achara adds that David conflicts himself by always being desperate to do the TV interviews and he always complains that the mainstream TV channels don’t call him for an interview much too often.

Achara claims in her book that what David Icke described as his experience in Peru is the result of the hallucinogenic drug – Ayahuasca aka Yage.

Achara also claims in her book that the presence felt to David Icke in the 1989 in his room while he was all alone there was that of his sperms. She believes that there is a soul in each sperm and it gets back at the one who spilled it down for the momentarily pleasure. She writes that she can give millions of examples of people who were killed by the ghosts of their own sperms. She claims that the riddles in Judaism are full of such experiences.

Achara writes in her book that the paralysis that David Icke regularly suffered with is a known symptom of excessive loss of semen and there is nothing extraordinary about it as David Icke tries to make it sound like. She writes that David should have rather seen a medical professional instead of writing articles and books about it.

Achara recently posted on her blog that criticizing David Icke and betting on Slot Joker123 has become a part of her everyday routine.

Ratchada Thongbai from Nakhon Ratchasima, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert, who writes on his blog that it is an actual pity that all the so-called global SEO experts will tell you to not use too many or too little tags but they never give you the ideal number.

Ratchada believes that Scalable Inman Flash Replacement (sIFR) needs a replacement itself. He writes on his blog that it is an outdated system with too many flaws and lacks advancement in every sense. He believes that the only thing which he thinks doesn’t need any sort of replacement are the Thai gambling websites like fun888. He is perfectly happy with the current online gambling Thai websites. In a survey conducted by Ratchada himself on multilingual people, it came out that the Thai gambling websites are the most trusted among the users.

Ratchada writes that he is yet to come across a perfect On-Page SEO checker tool. He believes that half of the current On-Page SEO checking tools cannot be trusted at all and the rest half are either outdated or partially correct.

Ratchada writes that the ideal place to put H1 heading is either on the top of the page or at least after a break of 1000 words of content and the ideal place to put a H2 heading is at least 500 words of content on the page. He says that he is honest enough to admit that he has no idea about where to put the H3 headings on a webpage.